Thesi Evolution Sphere_

Thesi Evolution Sphere is our technologically advanced ERP, which is  the global solution for the planning and the integrated management of business resources. Thesi Ev Sphere incorporates modules for Industry 4.0 projects. and it is our proposal at the top of the national offer.


Thesi Ev Sphere was created to foster the integration and innovation of corporate business processes, the centralization of information and management control. The architecture of Thesi Ev Sphere can be compared to the one of a matrioska that incorporates a range of solutions that  differ according to the  size of company but all of them are high quality. The “matrioska” solution is dynamic and not static, because companies have the opportunity to “compose their matrioska” over time, by purchasing the necessary modules, in a way that is directly proportional to their growth according to the “Pay per use” principle.


The ERP allows our clients to obtain advantages in terms of efficiency with the same number of resources, cut intra-company coordination costs by promoting the functional integration of operational processes.

Do you have any questions and/or do you want any further information about the Software Platform or about  one or more modules that are part of it? Go to our page dedicated to Product Curiosities, fill in the form with all the questions that miight be of  your interest and send us the request.

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