Company Profile

Sintel stands for guarantee and realiability both for quality of products released on the market and for the continuity in the release of products compatible with previous versions to customers who have chosen to work with us since 1988. Our customers, who have been working with us for over thirty years, have seen the Applications available to them growing over time, and mainly they have had the opportunity to evolve their Information System, moving all the data from the different versions, the true heritage of company, in synergy with the new challenges that the Economic System constantly launches. Sintel has always been “innovative” in its sector for the solutions proposed in relation to the technological evolution of the market. Sintel is a Software House, which offers its own solutions whose implementation requires special skills and high professional profiles, design skills, technical skills, research skills, business vision, the courage and the ability to look beyond the horizon. The customer who works with our products has the opportunity to speak directly with lab technicians and designers, in order to have better support services, development projects and customizations. The organizational structure of Sintel has changed with time passing both in terms of the number of people and the transversal skills and professionalism that have been selected on the basis of the new technologies available nowadays and of increasingly prestigious future objectives related to our company policies.



Sintel was founded in 1988 as a Software House with the aim of designing and implementing Corporate Information Systems. Today the company designs, develops and implements technologically advanced ERP Integrated Systems all over the country and abroad.



Sintel supports and assists the customer at every stage of the business organization. The guiding principle is the Business Process Management.



Sintel constantly invests in R&D. The knowledge acquired “in the field” guarantees to our customer a greater competitiveness with the proposal of exclusive products on the market.

Our offers represent excellent investment opportunities for business customers as excellent-quality and high-added value technological tools pave the way to real business opportunities.



People have always been a fundamental resource in our corporate assets.

One of our main investments has been aimed at the quality complex that people offer to the company even before the role they will fill.

The resourcefulness, motivation, talent and skills of our collaborators represent the opportunity for us to seize the main opportunities as well as the satisfaction and pride of working with a winning team.

TECHNOLOGICAL DETERMINATION: Technology is the source of the “New Forms of Business” that continuously arise and develop on the market. This is the reason why our main goal is to provide customers with quality technology solutions that are tailored to their needs. Sintel provides its customers with excellent design skills and offers versatile and lab-certified solutions.

COMPETITIVENESS: acquiring a “competitive advantage” does not only mean “being on the market” but progressing with respect to the crowd by taking steps forward with foresight, projecting oneself into the future and anticipating events. This is the reason why we seek competitiveness.

COMPETENCE: study and knowledge are the “source of development for advanced technology” that allows to predict market trends and represents a reliable compass in the changes of direction that innovation requires.