Digital Archiving

The innovations made in the information and documentary processes by new technologies, both in the private and in the public sector, offer significant advantages since they reduce the time spent in the document process cycle, free up internal resources that are used for added value activities and transform processes aimed at customers by promoting greater efficiency and punctuality in operations and working relationships. The digitization of processes is an innovative step that allows the company to promote the “reorganization” or “re-engineering” of processes, bringing efficiency to the procedures and services made available online for users. The Dematerialization process aims to “convert” a “paper document” into an “electronic document” and is perfectly in line with the policies of the Green Economy.

The system is capable to communicate with most of the softwares available on the market and to import any type of document in order to facilitate relations with customers and suppliers.


The imported documents are turned and archived into PDF and/or XML electronic format and made available for search and sending functions.
Documents such as Mastrini, Customer and Supplier Account Statements, General Accounting First Note, Invoices Issued and Received, Accounting F23 and F24 and any other type of document, accounting or otherwise, are produced or processed in PDF and/or XML digital format.


Each document produced can be virtualized, archived and viewed at any time.
Documents archived in PDF and/or XML format are available for search and send functions.


The system allows you to archive not only any type of accounting document (including the Schedule) or other type of document but, in particular, for companies that work in the field of craft production, it is possible to archive the projects of the products made and/or to be carried out, associating them with the bill of materials or the job order. The same documents can eventually be printed using the “print request” function on the system.
The System is integrated with the FEDRA CCIA Management Software, to which it is possible to automatically transfer the Certificates of Origins for companies carrying out export activities.
All documents are available for search and send functions.
The system offers the possibility of automatically sending any type of document by e-mail. This function is particularly useful for sending documents such as deferred invoices at the end of the month, payment reminders, agent account statements.
The “Contact File” function on the Management Software, in the module designed for Document Archiving, offers the ability to filter the recipient’s contact to send a particular document. The same document is associated with the reference contact and sent automatically.
When the Documents are distributed online, they are protected by the introduction of new Integrated Databases in the System, which guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data. The new engine for managing the Data Base with access functions to the most modern RDBMSs, equipped with a significant increase in performance and a greater guarantee regarding security, guarantees a higher level of data protection and retention.

The Thesi EvS Advanced Digital Archiving Management System can be integrated with all the modules that build the ERP, according to the needs of each customer.

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