Industry 4.0_

The term Industry 4.0 was used for the first time in Germany in 2011, referring to new technologies aimed at developing industrial automation to create new business models and improve the production quality of plants. This evolution has taken the name “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and is slowly involving all the National States.


Industry 4.0 promotes the development of computerization in industries with the aim of creating an efficient and ergonomic “Smart Factory” (or “intelligent factory”) in each of them, which consists of three parts:

¤ Smart production: production technologies that create collaboration between the operator, machines and tools;

¤ Smart service: IT and technical infrastructures that allow to integrate systems and companies with each other other than with external structures;

¤ Smart energy: development according to the typical paradigms of sustainable energy.


The fundamental “rule” for the  industry 4.0 refers, in sum, to the close connection between Physical Systems (new-technology industrial plants for each sector) and IT Systems.


Discover all the features and technologies integrated in ThesiEvS that the SCADA, MES and WMS modules offer for Industry 4.0

Our mangerial software ThesiEvS®is designed to create the interconnection, through the MES module, between industrial plants and the ERP software, using both direct drivers/sockets and connections with SCADA systems. Therefore, it is possible to send the execution orders of production and detect data relating to finished products, creating the integration between systems and users,which is  necessary to centralize information and management.


ThesiEvS® modules are capable to detect, collect and send strategic information from and to all the machines (production plants, robots, etc.), from the IT tools (PCs, label printers, etc.) which are present within the company. This allows to plan the work optimslly, by sending production orders to the plants, by tracing raw materials and production information, labelling the finished products and sending  them to the warehouse in a single continuous cycle.


Il WMS (Warehouse Management) and the Logistics take charge of the tags and manage all the following steps.


Sintel, along with its high-tech software products, offers training and security services to guarantee access protection at a systemic level (firewall, antivirus, etc.).


Discover all the features and technologies integrated in ThesiEvS that the SCADA, MES and WMS modules offer for Industry 4.0


Sintel designs, develops and certifies Industry 4.0 projects, compatible with the current regulations.


When carrying out the projects, we rely on a team of experts, to guarantee customers the opportunity to create a true Smart Factory based on productivity and new business goals.


Our partner for technological innovation processes is Astrea Srl.