Systems consultancy

Sintel is specialised in Software Development for which we have a Research and Development Lab with dedicated staff. Along with our products, we offer Systems Consultancy and Company Organisation and Business Process services. All the technologies used for data and information archiving/storage, transmission and elaboration are part of IT, with particular attention from us not only to the infrastrucures (web, connectivity, server, subnetwork of production and Voip), but also to the security and to the access of the infrastructure itself.


The analysis of the business context or “analyisis of feasibility study” in technical terms, allows our system analysts to carry out the desing and the implementation of the “tailored” network infrastrucure to meet the needs of every sinlge client. The analysis and the the design, at the initial stage, will end with the installation, the configuration of the infrastructure and the training for the operators for a proper use of the operating tools.

Sintel is an IBM Business Partner that has operated on IBM AS/400 systems (iSeries, System, iPower Systems). All IBM platforms are provided together with our ERP ThesiEvS® designed for IBM DB2 Universal Data Base.


ThesiEvS® is designed for IBM and Microsoft systems and this offers the opportunity for our client to work in an environment with platforms that fully complement each other / are fully integrated (as environments MS Windows, Apple iOS, Android), in step with new technologies (Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0 networked environments) and market needs (eg. Electronic invoice, document dematerialization and storage). The software is intuitive for the user together with functions set up for Industry 4.0 projects.


The main advantage of this continuity choice between our ERP ThesiEvS® and IBM infrastructure, or Microsoft, provided in one package, would mean the opportunity for the company to continue working on AS/400 (400 (iSeries, System i, Power Systems) with an adavanced ERP Management Software which exploits the potential of DB2 UDB and with the support of a thirty-year-experienced team on technological infrastructures as well as on company management.

A network allows to put in communication all the company technological components (PC, Servers, printers, etc) in order to manage business processes, data exchange and info. The configuration of the network depends on the analysis of the single needs of the clients and on the system design that must be functional to the organisation of the company. Company information that are stored, must still be accessible and traceable.


Sintel pay particular attention to network security, to access control, in the knowledge that company data and info are the heritage of the company itself. The security of a network is not only developed on a systemic level basis (firewall, antiviruses, etc) but also through training the users, since we are aware that a poor preparation of the staff will not allow a proper use of the available tools in order to keep the privacy and the security of data.

Our administration ThesiEvS® can be integrated with PLC dashboards and the SCADA systems which are present on the installation, to send, remove and acquire all the information relative to the production process.


The MES control panel dedicated to the Plant manager allows to plan the production programmes that are sent to the single systems, equipped with PLC, by using both direct driver/socket and connections with the SCADA systems, generating an unique reference of the processboth for the production to order basis and stock, starting from MRP, planning of commitments and needs of production. According to the technology adopted and present in the systems, the user interface (man-machine) allows to process the production data on a “real-time” basis, production process and costs, through reading the direct message, or the production plan labels via Barcode. Furthermore, it would be possible to detect the advanced settings of the system and to provide a daily/end-of-shift/ end-of-manifacturing report, with the batches of the raw materials used, the batches of the finished products and units tags of the finished product.


The control panel allows to detect the downtime  as well as the analysis of the wastes, the tracking of each phase, even if the production should take place in the external labs, also the analysis of the production costs (with the incidence of the labour cost). During the planning phase, it is possible to simulate both production and procurement plans, track and create the RDAs from MRP.

The infrastructure on the whole allows to manage both the quality process and the tracking and traceability of the production.