AGTLog “Transport and Logistics management Application”

AGT Log, the transport module of Thesi Ev Sphere, is a technologically advanced system that promotes efficient management in the transport sector in particular for the significant improvements it brings in the organization of deliveries and in the execution of the orders. The basic principle that guided the design and development of AGT Log, which over time has proved to be a profitable investment for the companies that have chosen it, was to adopt the needs of transporters as design guidelines rather than asking the transporters to adapt to the Information System. Efficiency in deliveries is a competitive advantage for transporters and comes only from an effective organization that produces many other advantages including that of reducing wasted trips with a significant cost recovery. The system is integrated with the WMS and with all the other modules of the Thesi Ev Sphere ERP, a new innovative and essential proposal for logistics operators who intend to offer integrated services to their customers (interface open to the information systems most used by large companies).



On the Operational dashboard it is possible to see:
¤ transport orders,
¤ availability of means of transport,
¤ the position of the vehicles in real time and the prediction of the position of the next load,
¤ Status of the service (available or delivering),
¤ Status “under maintenance” or “under scheduled maintenance”.




The System allows you to perform via the Operating Dashboard
¤ Groupage,
¤ Completed;
¤ Intermodals;
¤ Combined;
¤ Manage distribution activities,
¤ Predict and manage the “wasted trips” as well as “empty returns”,
¤ Manage the “stages of trip,
¤ Manage the “releases” with different drivers and sub-carriers, reports of loads to third parties.
Cost accounting applied to transport allows you to determine, in real time, the costs and revenues per km, the incidence of empty km and other cost items that can cause critical issues such as the fuel. Integration with Google Maps increases operational efficiency for the purpose of determining distances.
The System includes the management of the fleet through the connection with Visirun which encourages the “dialogue” between the operational headquarters and the “staff on the go”, through integrated messaging, managed and stored in the Information System. Other than the exchange of information, there is the possibility to exchange documents and interact with the Administrative and / or Logistics office. Location, real km, fuel level and consumption in real time.
This function allows:
¤ acquisition of bookings/load orders from clients,
¤ issue of confirmation order,
¤ any order issue to sub-suppliers.


The system allows you to check the availability of vehicles in relation to the requested date and the load, highlighting the status of the tractor with different colours (“on the way”, “loaded”, “unloaded”, “under maintenance”, “scheduled maintenance” , “available”).


Through this function, the System makes the “booking/vehicle” combinations easier simply with a click.
This function allows you to extract information on “Made Trips” and acquire this data also from companies belonging to the same group in order to avoid double input of information and save a considerable amount of time. Starting from this function, it is possible to print all the waybills in order to avoid doing a manual and often tiring job.
Through this function the System manages all types of interventions on the vehicle fleet and is able to provide the related costs:
¤ Maintenance costs (in relation  to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for each vehicle);
¤ Ownership costs (Insurance, etc…).


This function turns out to be useful mainly for companies that have a consisntent number of vehicles.
The system manages the “Inbound handling” and “Outbound handling” of Pallets and equivalent items, and also provides an updated overview of the Account Statements. The use of AGT Log facilitates the management of the Traceability and Traceability process up to managing reserves, non-conformities, and facilitates the verification of the level of service provided to the customer and the requirements requested at the time of the order. On top of that, non-conformities are available for quality reports.
This function, installed on the system, provides summary reports on the operating costs of transport and allows to determine the costs per km and therefore the revenues.


All the analyzes carried out can be easily exported to spreadsheets.


The system allows to perform an analytical evaluation of the offer and to respond more confidently to customer requests with innovative and competitive proposals.
The System allows you to make cost/income statistics:


¤ patialized for vehicle;
¤ by type of own trips or third-party trips;
¤ by monthly trend.
The system is able to carry out and provide a detailed analysis of consumption as well as a clear picture of the cost items (consumption statistics per driver vehicle) to all companies working in the transport sector.


In particular, AGT Log allows to perform:
¤ check of travel expenses;
¤ the periodic statement of all the expenses relating to the trips made.


This function allows the passage of the contractual conditions to the logistics office in real time.


In this way, the operations of the logistics office are facilitated, work is reduced and any input errors limited.
The billing process is simplifed by interactive access to “confirmed orders”.


The function allows:
¤ query of both made and confirmed trips;
¤ pre-billing check;
¤ invoice issue in Euro or other currencies;
¤ billing attachments;
¤ billing with personalised selection for each customer.
This function allows to:


¤ obtain periodic pre-invoicing aimed at getting immediate feedback;
¤ take back the travel data of third parties and analyze them in relation to traffic data;
¤ assess the charges to third parties for services (sub-suppliers) and traction-rental (sub-carriers).


The advanced transport management system can be integrated with all the modules that make up the ERP, according to the needs of each customer.

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