ThesiEvS _Essential

THESI EvS ESSENTIAL is a product offered to micro enterprises that have planned investments on software only for the purchase of basic modules and that, at the same time, want to use a quality product that guarantees them excellent performance. The product is flexible and scalable as it is able to reach higher levels of structure such as THESI EvS BUSINESS UP and/or THESI EVOLUTION SPHERE, without dismantling the existing software structure. The System is structured on the basis of “Pay per use” in a way that each company only incurs the costs of what they actually use.

Do you have any questions and/or do you want any further information about the Software Platform or about  one or more modules that are part of it? Go to our page dedicated to Product Curiosities, fill in the form with all the questions that miight be of  your interest and send us the request.

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