The Advantages of the Cloud

Sintel has offered its customers the Cloud service since 2012, an innovative technology that allows them to use hardware and software resources, with customized configuration of the servers within our Data Centres.


The Cloud Computing offers the opportunity to generate value within companies by providing numerous advantages:

  1. definition of sure costs of management;

  2. cost cutting and costs of hardware management and maintentance;

  3. data security with 24/7 guarded Data Centres  equipped with perimeter firewalls and anti-malware protection and customized Backup services;

  4. possibility to connect to your company from anywhere in the world;

  5. adoption of an innovative modern infrastructure with advanced protection systems, flexible and expandable at low costs with a pay per use SaaS service.

Cloud Computing is an All-Inclusive service which includes Hardware, Server room and IT staff costs. Customers who opt for this type of solution will no longer have maintenance and updating costs, but according to the “Pay per use” logic, they  will have the possibility to buy “only what they use”, both in terms of Hardware and Software, also defining in first person  the times of use and purchase.

Cloud Computing also offers small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to access innovative and latest generation technologies that until recently have been the prerogative of a few businesses. This opportunity brings considerable advantages in terms of competitiveness even to smaller companies.

Customers who adopt the Cloud service do not need to suspend the use of the System and Applications when an update is being installed  as the Systems are automatically updated  without suspending the operations.

The Server Farms, where the Data Centres are located, have very high- capacity data bands designed to offer customers the maximum speed in data processing. This is the reason why, business lines will rarely have stability and capacity similar to those of Cloud Providers.

The power and the reliability of hardware in data centres are greater than the commonly adopted solutions in SMEs.

Data Centers offer more security than comany servers since they are made with particular technologies, they are located in 24/7 guarded structures and they have redundant hardware and the probability of data loss is less or zero.

Customer who opt for the Cloud Service will no longer have a local physical Server “at home” with a certain energy expenditure. This way, energy consumption and energy costs are significantly reduced.

Employees can access  resources and documents stored on the Cloud Server and edit them at the same time. Management has access keys to areas that are reserved exclusively for them according to company policies previuosly defined. Management or authorized employees can connect to the cloud even while they are traveling, from home or from anywhere in the world where it is possible to have internet connection. Applications are synchronized with tablets and smartphones.

Customer who have their hardware in the Cloud, can increase or decrease their resources, both hardware and software, only when there are new needs to meet. This way, it is possibile to avoid heavy investments to be recouped over long periods of time, including purchases of unused resources in a short time. The transition to a higher number of hardware and software resources can be carried out in a very short time, at the customer’s request and only when there are new needs coming up. Installation, management and decommissioning times are minimised.