The ability to efficiently organize our own work, to quickly adapt procedures to changes due to market dynamism or unforeseen events, has become today an essential element for companies that  are able to respond adequately through “smart mode” and with proper promptness to the new Business Models.


Our goal is to make management of Business Processes easier for companies by providing application tools that stimulate and provide them with adequate potential for this purpose such as the new ThesiEvS ActDocWorkflow. ThesiEvS ADW facilitates: the structuring and management of Business Processes in order to provide guidelines indicated and bound by the business model, to structure the archiving of documents, manage the schedules of personal documents and the schedules of personal activities, archive communications with all interlocutors, customers, suppliers, institutions, public administration, third parties, optimize times and working methods, share the planning of activities or schedules of documents and practices.

Today, keeping up with technological evolution” means preserving and having the opportunity to further develop one’s competitiveness, with dynamism and flexibility.

The main advantages of ThesiEvS ActDocWorkflow

¤ A timely monitoring of efficiency in company operations;


¤ A higher quality of external relations and internal working relationships as customer requests are met quickly and operators work in an environment of greater tranquility where roles are defined and not superimposable, coordinated and managed efficiently in a pyramid structure through which Management can plan and monitor all operational activities and defined business processes;


¤ A significant increase in efficiency;


¤  A significant improvement in Company Performance;


¤ A significant cost reduction.

The administrator manages the “document category“, and therefore uniquely identifies each document, practice and/or activity and assigns it to the specific user to whom they entrust one or more tasks based on the role they holds in the company .

Each user can view and/or manage only the documents whose “class” is compatible with their ownrole.

THESIEvS ActDocWorkflow offers each worker a personal schedule where in the foreground they can view the activities, documents and practices inherent to their management as well as a window that shows the status of the users of their work group if there is a team configuration, users who are connected and at work, colleagues on holiday, planning of requested/confirmed holidays, messages for interactive online communication.

With the new ThesiEvS ActDocWorkflow it is possible

¤ verify that all document deadlines have been taken over by an operator and that management is carried out within the deadlines indicated;
¤ share information in real time on activities: attendance, annual leaves plan, availability at headquarters and/or in smart working, and/or externally at customers, and/or at suppliers, and/or at institutions;
¤ send messages to colleagues.

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