CRM Customer Relationship Management_

The CRM module, by Thesi Evolution Sphere, which Sintel offers to its customers, is a tool capable of coordinating and integrating information technologies with the most widespread communication systems, in order to simplify, promote and consolidate relationships with customers and make the work of agents and companies easier to which they refer. The goal is to automate and simplify those business processes that are aware of direct contact with users, making significant contributions to customers and their real needs. The guiding principle of the structure, is offered tools that facilitate relations with the market, composed of a series of economic subjects, including customers with their values, beliefs and needs and partners of various types. The CRM, module of Thesi EvS Sphere, is a useful tool for implementing the business strategy defined ex ante by the company, for carrying out the communication and commercial policies linked to it, and for the integration of all company processes.

The advanced CRM management system can be integrated with all the modules that make up the ERP, according to the needs of each and every customer.

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